Simple. Portable. Wireless and High Definition.

Okti® is the first high-definition portable EEG amplifier with interchangeable modules that allow you to record standard clinical montage and high-density EEG – up to 128 channels with one device.
Okti’s signal quality provides clinicians with the confidence that the data being acquired will be accurate and provide the clinical insights necessary to deliver the best care possible.


Simplifying EEG Testing.

Okti® was designed with technologists in mind. Simple to set up and deploy, Okti helps improve both patient testing and workflow efficiencies. Small, lightweight, and portable Okti provides the ability to easily move around the hospital to meet patients’ or process needs.

  • Modular, multi-functional design with interchangeable 32, 64 and 128-channel interfaces – one device to meet all your routine, portable, and long-term EEG needs.
  • High-definition recording capabilities provide unsurpassed clarity and accuracy.
  • Smart snake cable management ensures that patient setup and experience run smoothly so you can focus on other areas of need.
  • Patented electrode Illumination indicators enhances the speed of patient set-up.







Elevating EEG Testing for Improved Patient Experience.

Patient experience has become widely recognized as one of the main indicators of the quality of healthcare services. It is important to constantly find ways to enhance the patient experience. Drawing on decades of knowledge in EEG monitoring and a deep understanding of patient care, Okti provides the perfect solution to improve the patient experience.

A patient that has a positive patient experience is likely to feel more settled, more comfortable, and less anxious during testing. With a focus on the patient, Okti delivers everything you want in one device.







Key Benefits of Okti for a positive patient and clinician experience

Highly Mobile
Small and lightweight, your patients will have more freedom during their exam to move about. Hot-swappable batteries can be easily replaced without disrupting the recording.

Interchangeable Modules
The interchangeable interface allows you to do either a 32, 64 or 128-montage. One device to meet all your routine, portable, and long-term EEG needs.

Utilizing enterprise WiFi, Okti is compliant with modern WiFi security standards, meeting IT Department standards. On board data storage ensures no loss of vital study data.

With up to a 4K sampling rate, temporal resolution in the data is improved and a higher frequency resolution can improve the evaluation of the data.

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