Products: Brain Research



Compumedics offers Brain Research technologies through the Compumedics Neuroscan brand, recognised in the industry for superior and unmatched innovations.

We are dedi­cated to expand­ing knowl­edge and under­stand­ing of the human brain and nervous system through advanced amplifier and brain analytics.

Compumedics high-fidelity technologies are used in some of the world’s foremost research institutions.

In the arena of Neurology Research, Compumedics Neuroscan technologies provides world-leading solutions for EEG, ERPs, Source Localisation and Functional Neuro-imaging.

Compumedics Neuroscan provides complete solutions for a wide range of Neuroscience applications. Compumedics Neuroscan is dedicated to developing the most sophisticated tools for the investigation of the central nervous system. Compumedics Neuroscan’s research and development teams work to evolve high-density EEG recordings into a true functional neuro-imaging method.

We invite you to explore the dedicated site for Compumedics Neuroscan to learn more solutions that include the world’s premiere multimodal Neuro-imaging solution – CURRY.

Compumedics Neuroscan – a World Leader in Functional Neuro-Imaging

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