Routine Clinical EEG

Compumedics provides a comprehensive range of routine clinical EEG solutions for the forward thinking clinical epilepsy diagnostics centre.

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Compumedics offers the complete range of EEG diagnostic solutions for the clinical routine EEG facility – from the high-value conscious to the 4k high definition discerning EEG professional.

All of our EEG solutions are founded on Compumedics’ research-grade EEG technologies and coupled with the user-friendly software platform, Compumedics is the perfect solution for your patient care.

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Radiometer’s TCM5 FLEX transcutaneous monitor is a compact, easy-to-use solution that delivers…
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The Compumedics Grael® DC module provides the interface of up to 14…
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An even more powerful evolution of the Grael EEG amplifier built for…
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Industry-leading value amplifier with research-grade technology. A powerful EEG amplifier aimed at…
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Okti® is the first high-definition portable EEG amplifier with interchangeable modules that…