ONsight A.V.S.*

EEG with Video recording in "Real Time"

Monitor your patient’s home ambulatory studies with CONFIDENCE!

Recent advances in digital communications and EEG technologies as implemented by Compumedics  can now provide clinicians with high quality synchronized data access transmitted from the home setting. ONsight A.V.S. technology can increase the chance of capturing events of interest in a comfortable home setting where their triggers are typically encountered. A reliable home testing option like ONsight A.V.S. also reduces associated per-patient costs and frees up valuable hospital beds.

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Features & Benefits

EEG with Video recording in "Real Time"!

  • True web application for remote monitoring
  • Access through any commercial web browser
  • View all data on computer or tablet
  • Office, home, or mobile access

By applying the very latest in technological innovations, Compumedics is now able to provide truly informative real-time interaction with ambulatory recordings. ONsight recordings are collected and reviewed using Compumedics Profusion EEG software, the same software used in our sophisticated laboratory systems around the world.

High Definition Camera

  • Integrated infrared light source
  • 150 degree image framing
  • 30 frames per second

Easy to Transport

  • Reinforced wheeled case with retractable handle
  • Less than 25.4lbs / 11.52kg total weight

Time Savings

  • Simple set-up : 5 minutes to enter patient data and program internal memory card
  • Less than 20 minutes dowload time (USB3) for typical 72 hour EEG/video recording (60GB)

Simple Two-Step Recording Start

Step 1 : Patient plugs the ONsight system into a standard home power outlet

Step 2 : Extend the camera tripod and point the camera

Recording Duration Options

Full 24 hours – 4 internal lithium AA batteries

Full 72 hours – with external rechargeable battery pack

AND your patient never has to interrupt the recording to change the batteries.

Data Security

  • Two copies of recording are preserved – internal memory card and PC
  • HIPAA 256 AES encryption
  • Viewed over secured cellular network

Powered by Best in Class EEG Application software - Profusion EEG

Profusion EEG is the Best in Class EEG Application software. It is the true next generation clinical and LTM software package that offers unprecedented ease of use both in the EEG lab, and in post-recording analysis and review. Developed in close consultation with EEG clinicians and neurologists, it is designed for easy navigation and editing up to 45 days of continuously recorded EEG.

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Anytime, anywhere Data Access powered by Profusion neXus 360

Fully web-based management tool that provides seamless, automatic data archiving, study status tracking, complete program metrics and anytime, anywhere data access via standard browser interface. Profusion EEG review software is integrated into the nexus 360 application.

The perfect way to optimize your new ONSight program.

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