Falcon™ HST

Fully Integrated and Connected end-to-end Home Sleep Testing (HST) solution

Falcon™ HST is a fully integrated and connected end-to-end HST solution. The solution is designed for fast and efficient patient self-setup without compromising  signal quality. From data recording to study reporting, the Falcon™ HST is seamless – leveraging Compumedics deep experience and best-of diagnostic technologies.

Features & Benefits

Falcon™ HST allows you to focus more on the patient


Falcon™ HST Solution Highlights

  • Intuitive and easy patient setup
  • Integrated end-to-end HST solution – acquisition, scoring, reporting and treatment
  • Complete options for sensors including disposable and reusable
  • Review, scoring and reporting utilising the Profusion PSG software suite.

Light, compact and full featured HST solution

Quick and easy patient setup using Falcon™ HST RIP Effort bands and ECG connections

Full complement of Reusable and Disposable HST Sensors and Sensor Kits.

Gold Standard sensor technology as recommended by AASM.

Falcon™ HST Solution includes:

• Falcon™ HST device
• Falcon™ carry case
• Docking station for charging & data transfer
• Charging cable USB
• Falcon™ HST lead Kit
• Five x Falcon™ HST disposable kits
• Wireless Bluetooth Oximeter
• RIP inductive effort bands
• Profusion PSG 5 Falcon™ HST Edition Software Pack
• Two-year device warranty



Profusion Sleep™ HST edition software

Software for setup, scoring and reporting, designed and enhanced for the Falcon™ HST. Each Falcon™ device comes with a Profusion Sleep™ HST edition licence.

Specifications and Downloads