Grael 4K-EEG


An even more powerful evolution of the Grael EEG amplifier built for EEG studies for clinical and research applications including routine, LTM, ICU and Evoked potentials.

A DC-coupled, digital amplifier system with a high input range and 24-bit resolution providing amplification and digitization of electroencephalographic physiologic signals from surface,
cortical and depth electrodes. The amplifier provides 44 channels (32 isolated high-frequency referential channels, 8 bipolar channels), an integrated pulse-oximeter and event button input.

The unit has a POE 100BASE-TX network connection for both power and communication.

Features & Benefits

Powerful in 4K High Definition


  • High sampling and data rates – up to 16384 samples per second
  • 32-referential channels (monopolar), fully isolated
  • DC coupled amplifier
  • High resolution 24-bit sampling simultaneous across all channels
  • 8 bipolar inputs for ECG or EMG leads
  • User selectable gain allows choice of lower noise or higher allowable DC offset

One cable - One Box Integrated solution

Powered by the network connection using  Power Over Ethernet, the single cable connection allows for neat, simple, convenient and flexible setup.

  • Integrated HD-PulseOx oximeter
  • Convenient connections for event button and photic strobe
  • Connector for passive Jackbox or “Quik-Cap” electrode cap

Multiple Device Synchronization

  • Allows for the creation of virtual channel counts

Amplifier Dimensions

Size :

240mm x 144mm x 50mm
9.45in x 5.66in x 1.97in

Weight :

800grams , 28.2 ounces

Specifications and Downloads
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