Ambulatory PSG

Compumedics meets the growing demand to provide diagnostic services outside of the traditional sleep center by supporting portable diagnostic sleep testing for both the hospital and the home environments. Since developing one of the earliest portable systems for complete PSG testing in 1995, our products have been used to provide high quality, reliable Type II and Type III polysomnography. Whether the need is for evaluating hospitalized patients prior to surgery or in critical care or to provide home sleep testing of patients with suspected sleep apnea, Compumedics has a complete solution.

When studies need to be performed in non-traditional locations or there is a need to evaluate patients who are ambulatory (such as MSLT studies), Compumedics has developed small, lightweight, patient-worn PSG systems with surprising features.

Products within Solution

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Now, Compumedics introduces Somté, a new investigative tool for “holter-style” recording of…
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The Siesta System is a multi-functional, ambulatory recording device. It enables recording,…