Our Business

Compumedics, established in 1987, is a global technology leader in the development and commercialisation of computer-based medical products. Our technology has so far focused on the fast growing, high value sleep medicine market. We are now also focusing on the associated fields of neuro-diagnostics and brain research. By defining life’s signals, our technology turns vast amounts of data into valuable information that leads to a more accurate diagnosis and consequently more effective therapy for some of the most serious health conditions. Compumedics leads the sleep diagnostic market in Australia, with a market share of approximately 80%, and a growing international business, especially in the USA, which is the world’s largest medical device market. Compumedics is an Australia based company with global operations and customers.


Our strong history
For over 25 years, Compumedics has been at the forefront of sleep and neurodiagnostics

Since 1987, Compumedics has focused on the sleep and neurodiagnostics solutions. Compumedics has released many world’s first and  continues to be at the forefront of leading edge diagnostics.

Research & Development

Compumedics believes that it has remained at the forefront of the physiological data recording/diagnostics market by maintaining an active research and development program. Compumedics has a highly skilled research team and has developed significant intellectual property. These resources, together with the Medical Advisory Board allow the company to continue to develop the best diagnostic products for the medical market.

To ensure that there is a regular pipeline of new and innovative products, the Company has established a dedicated innovation group. The role of the Innovation Group is to work closely with the Medical Advisory Board and the medical and research communities in identifying future product trends, paradigm shifts in technology and health decrease trends.