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Support at ALL levels

For over 30 years, Compumedics has built comprehensive expertise in clinical neuro-diagnostics and coupled with on-staff scientists, engineers and support staff, Compumedics has the capabilities to support your pharmaceutical trials and clinical support at ALL levels.

Compumedics’ comprehensive neuro solutions, coupled with extensive clinical neurodiagnostics experience, dedicated support staff, and a global network of clinical physicians, EEG technologists and distributors embraces our commitment to provide best in class products and service.

We deliver proven experience supporting researchers, pharmaceuticals, therapeutic devices, and other research trials around the globe.

Our extensive experience within Sleep, EEG, Advanced Neuro-cognitive (EEG, ERP, EP) and multi-modal neuroimaging data collection and analysis is recognized by top researchers and clinicians as the best in the business !

Profusion Nexus360, our cloud-based software for data and management solution is designed for real-time access to data from anywhere in the world, on any platform accessible via the internet.

By design, Compumedics solutions are efficient, readily scalable, decreases costs, and improves accuracy for captivating outcomes – values sought after  by research organizations (CROs) and pharma research teams.


Compumedics offers :

  • Comprehensive expertise in clinical neuro-diagnostics, coupled with on-staff  scientists, engineers and support staff.
  • Dedicated to provide innovative, integrated programs in support of clinical investigations, pharmaceutical development, therapeutic devices, and other clinical trials globally.
  • Extensive experience in the development of advanced automated applications for sleep, EEG, advanced neuro-cognitive (EEG, ERP, EP) and multi-modal neuroimaging data collection and analysis.
  • Remote Monitoring of Data Quality.
  • Extensive experience in developing test/evaluation protocols for clinical populations and data analysis.
  • Cloud-based software for data analysis and storage is designed for real-time access to data from anywhere in the world, on any platform accessible via the internet.



Comprehensive Integrated Technology






Global Support

  • Training is available on site or can be given remotely to the trial site.
  • Our extensive global distribution network provides you access to global trial sites as well as local hardware and software support.
  • 24/7, remote, real-time vigilance and review monitoring is accessible for all trial sites – including video EEG.
  • Our support team can remotely check the quality of the recording and troubleshoot in real-time for highest quality data and to reduce subject acquisition costs.




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