Grael DC

External Device Interface and Communications Module

The Compumedics Grael® DC module provides the interface of up to 14 external device signals which meet the input requirements and integrates that data with Compumedics digital amplifier systems, such as Grael® HD and Somté® PSG systems. The Grael® DC also has a serial port that supports a Bluetooth® communications device for use with the Somté® PSG (part no.7900-0049-01). The device is powered from a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) source, either a Compumedics PoE Switch (part no.0400-0050-00) or a Compumedics PoE Mid-span Power Injector (part no.0400-0041-00).


Part Numbers
8028-0009-01   Grael DC External Device Interface
7900-0049-01   SENA Parani SD1000 Bluetooth Adaptor
0400-0041-00   PowerDsine PD-3001/AC Single Port PoE Midspan device
0400-0050-00   8 Port 10/100Mbps Ethernet Switch with 4POE Port

Features & Benefits


• 14 bi-polar, high-level, DC inputs (±1.5V, 3V p-p) for signals from External devices
• Low frequency, high voltage signals, also referred to as DC signals, such as, SpO2, CPAP, tcCO2,  and pH, can be calibrated to known signals through the Compumedics application software
• Samples and digitizes these signals at 256Hz for each input when used with any Compumedics amplifier
• Supports PTP mode which allows sample rates up to 4096 Hz and data synchronisation < 2us  when used with the Grael V2
• 24-bit analog to digital (A-to-D) conversion of signal data
• User-selectable storage rates from 16 to 256 Hz per input (16 to 4096 Hz when used with a Grael V2)
• User-selectable software high pass and low pass be set to an appropriate range for each type of signal
• Amplification gain or signal sensitivity is set by the user to provide appropriate amplitudes for each signal
• Software pairing with a specific Compumedics digital amplifier, such as the Grael® HD-PSG or Somté®PSG System
• Communication with the application workstation is done through an Ethernet RJ-45 connector, using the10/100Base-T protocol.
• Powered via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) source, either a PoE Switch or a PoE midspan power injector or external power supply
• Bluetooth Communication with Somté®PSG System, if equipped with Bluetooth dongle.

Specifications and Downloads