Somfit / Somfit Pro

Somfit is a wearable device for collecting patients’ physiological data, primarily for use in assisting medical professionals to diagnose sleep disorders. It’s been developed by Compumedics, based out of Australia.

The Somfit design prioritized ease of use, being light and comfortable for the patient while enabling collection of high-quality signals to provide medical-grade data to aid the clinician’s diagnostic activity.

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    Features & Benefits

    Elements of the Somfit System

    The Somfit is a system, comprising of four elements:

    1. A single-use adhesive-gel electrode
      This is worn on the patient’s forehead and collects the physiological data.
    2. The Somfit device, which is pressed onto the electrode.
      The Somfit houses the sensors and transmits the data to the App via Bluetooth.
    3. An App
      This is used to control the Somfit and to transmit the study data to be processed.
    4. The Profusion Nexus360 cloud-based data management and reporting system.

    Ideal use of Somfit

    Somfit is ideal for use in the following areas:

    • High volume testing applications.
    • Low user expertise environments such as Home Sleep Tests, Occupational Health environments and Primary Care.
    • Clinical studies, where its lower cost per study compares favorably versus PSG.
    • Physiological and Sleep data collection over long periods of time, (weeks and months), due to the relatively low costs of data acquisition and management.

    Somfit also has application in the remote collection of patient’s vital signs.

    Why use Gold Standard Sleep Technology ?

    The technology in Somfit is medically validated and the data collected is Gold Standard – meaning that it is the accepted methodology to accurately measure and detect true deep sleep and REM, essential measures for body recovery and brain restoration. The data can be used for medical consultations with your GP or sleep specialist if and when the need arises.

    The Power Inside

    Powered with technologies from Compumedics, the company with over 30 years experience in professional sleep diagnostics and equipping leading sleep laboratories around the world with advanced sleep monitoring systems.

    Compumedics offers expertise in medical product design, but significantly provides the advanced diagnostic-grade signal processing power for more accurate sleep staging and analysis in the Somfit

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