Somfit – True Sleep Fitness Tracker

The Somfit*

For the first time, a fitness tracker with gold standard sleep technology. During the day, use Somfit to track your daily activities – when you are walking, running, biking or even on an elliptical machine.

At night, the Somfit will track your sleep collecting medical-grade data to provide true sleep insights – understanding your night’s sleep architecture – accurately measure the quality of your sleep via scientifically validated brain and body measures indicating the time you spend during brain recovery (REM/ dream sleep) or deep and light sleep during body recovery.

* The Somfit device is not yet available for sale. Please check back on this page for the latest information and updates.

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    Features & Benefits

    What is Sleep Fitness ?

    Sleep fitness is getting the right type or stages of sleep and the right amount of sleep.

    There are five stages of sleep, each characterized by different brain activity.

    The most important sleep stages are REM (dream sleep) that enables brain restoration for learning and memory and deep sleep for body recovery.

    The body also needs alignment of our internal circadian clock with the sleep/wake cycle – otherwise sleep quantity suffers (ie, the “jet lag effect”) and sleep fitness is degraded.

    Are you getting quality sleep ( how do you know ) ?

    Movement detection is not clinically accepted as a true measure of sleep-wake.

    The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) recommends that to clinically and scientifically distinguish between various sleep stages to determine sleep quality or fitness – sleep scientists measure brain waves (electroencephalography or EEG), eye movements and muscle tone. This is the Gold Standard for a sleep test.

    Who is it for ?

    • Athletes – managing and enhancing performance
    • Parents – to monitor their children’s sleep patterns
    • Medical professionals – to assist treatments of insomnia or depression
    • Anyone who wants to truly understand their sleep habits for well-being.

    Why use Gold Standard Sleep Technology ?

    The technology in Somfit is medically validated and the data collected is Gold Standard – meaning that it is the accepted methodology to accurately measure and detect true deep sleep and REM, essential measures for body recovery and brain restoration. The data can be used for medical consultations with your GP or sleep specialist if and when the need arises.

    The Power Inside

    Powered with technologies from Compumedics, the company with over 25 years experience in professional sleep diagnostics and equipping leading sleep laboratories around the world with advanced sleep monitoring systems.

    Compumedics offers expertise in medical product design, but significantly provides the advanced diagnostic-grade signal processing power for more accurate sleep staging and analysis in the Somfit

    Somfit in the News

    Why we need good quality sleep and what we can do about sleep problems

    Sleep is a complex and dynamic process that affects how you function.

    Good quality sleep is important for both the brain and the body.

    The brain and body stay remarkably active even while we sleep.

    Lack of sleep can impact memory, concentration and mood.

    According to the Australasian Epidemiological Association long term poor quality sleep leads to a “greater risk of cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension, stroke, heart attack and arrhythmias; the prevalence of obesity and diabetes in increased; there is a greater risk of dementia and more rapid progression of the disease; and the prevalence of some cancers may be increased.”[1]

    Whilst scientists don’t yet fully understand why we need sleep, sleep restores our bodies physically and helps organise our brain. We do know that we cannot live without sleep.


    If you think you may have a sleep issue, please consult with your General Practitioner.


    You can find more information about sleep from the following resources:


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    Consequences of Poor Sleep