Sleep Diagnostics

Compumedics designs and manufactures innovative technologies for the diagnosis of sleep disorders. We have a comprehensive range of products for clinical and research purposes. We are actively involved in sleep science globally and have the best in class sleep amplifier and analytics technologies.

Neurology Diagnostics

Compumedics has the complete range of neurodiagnostics solutions from clinical to research. We are proud of our uncompromising system design matched with the highest industry quality standards. Compumedics has the best in class amplifiers and neuro analytics technologies.

Brain Research

Compumedics offers Brain Research technologies through the Compumedics Neuroscan brand, recognised in the industry for superior and unmatched innovations.  We are dedi­cated to expand­ing knowl­edge and under­stand­ing of the human brain and nervous system through advanced amplifier and brain analytics.

World leading supplier of innovative medical technology for patient monitoring

Since 1987, Compumedics’ strategy has focused on developing its core competency – Sleep Diagnostics – which has enabled the company to become one of the leaders in this growing international healthcare market. Today, Compumedics has evolved into one of the world’s leading suppliers of medical technology for sleep and neuro diagnostics (including brain research) and ultrasonic blood flow monitoring.

Compumedics’ technologies and products are distributed to clients around the globe, helping millions of people who suffer from debilitating sleep, neurological and other healthcare problems.

Compumedics is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange since 2000 – ASX: CMP.

Global Reach. Local Expertise

We supply our products and services globally. You're never far away from a Compumedics professional.

  • Compumedics Shenzhen
  • Compumedics Europe GmbH
      Europe HQ for Sleep, Neuroscience and Neuroscan
    Werdauer Str. 1-3,
    01069 Dresden, Germany
    Tel: +49 3515 01 97 68 2
    Fax: +49 3515 01 97 68 4
  • Compumedics France SAS
      2 rue Henry Bergson
    F-67000 Strasbourg, France
    Tel: +33 (0) 981 062 869
    Fax: +33 (0) 972 643 875
  • Compumedics Germany GmbH
      Global HQ for Compumedics DWL
    Josef-Schüttler-Strasse 2
    D-78224 Singen, Germany
    Tel: +49 7731 79 76 9-0
    Fax: +49 7731 79 76 9 -99
  • Compumedics USA Inc.
    USA Corporate HQ and Sales
    5015 West WT Harris Blvd,
    Suite E, Charlotte,
    NC 28269, USA

    Toll Free: 877 717 3975
    Tel : +1 704 749 3200
    Fax: +1 704 749 3299
  • Compumedics Limited
    Global Corporate HQ

    30-40 Flockhart Street,
    Abbotsford 3067, Victoria

    Tel: +61 (0) 3 8420 7300
    Fax: +61 (0) 3 8420 7399

    Australian 24hr Customer Support
    Free Call 1800 244 773
  • Compumedics Offices
  • Global Headquarters

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Corporate Video
Compumedics Corporate Video
Comprehensive Diagnostic and Research Solutions
Sleep, Neurodiagnostic and Research solutions for your every need

Compumedics has consistently invested over 15% of revenues on research and development to bring our clients the latest in diagnostic and research solutions. We invite you to explore our comprehensive range of solutions that will meet your needs.

Our strong history
For over 25 years, Compumedics has been at the forefront of sleep and neurodiagnostics

Since 1987, Compumedics has focused on the sleep and neurodiagnostics solutions. Compumedics has released many world’s first and  continues to be at the forefront of leading edge diagnostics.

Research & Development

Compumedics believes that it has remained at the forefront of the physiological data recording/diagnostics market by maintaining an active research and development program. Compumedics has a highly skilled research team and has developed significant intellectual property. These resources, together with the Medical Advisory Board allow the company to continue to develop the best diagnostic products for the medical market.

To ensure that there is a regular pipeline of new and innovative products, the Company has established a dedicated innovation group. The role of the Innovation Group is to work closely with the Medical Advisory Board and the medical and research communities in identifying future product trends, paradigm shifts in technology and health decrease trends.

Compumedics Brands

Our family of brands are some of the world’s well recognised in our areas of expertise.

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