In-Lab PSG

Compumedics excels in the sleep laboratory with solutions that exceeds your expectations, from the 4K High definition solution incorporating the Grael-4K PSG/EEG amplifier technology to the multi-purpose and compact Somté PSG.

Dedicated to In-Lab PSG excellence


For over 25 years, Compumedics has built our extensive experience in providing diagnostic technologies for the sleep laboratory. We have worked closely with the technicians, physicians and lab managers to provide relevant and innovative solutions.

We invite you to explore our in-lab sleep diagnostics solutions.

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The Compumedics Grael® DC module provides the interface of up to 14…
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Over 25 years of experience in designing PSG and EEG amplifiers, including…
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Based on the flagship Grael amplifier, the Grael PSG has a channel…
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Whether you are looking for a recorder for attended sleep studies, or…