February 20, 2001

Compumedics Limited (ASX:CMP), has generated $1.67 million in export sales to the USA and Europe from two newly-released sleep and EEG monitoring devices in the six months preceding 31 December 2000.

Compumedics, a global leader in the development and export of medical diagnostic and monitoring devices, with a principal focus on sleep disorders, has recorded these impressive sales figures with two new products in a very short period.

The two devices – the Siesta System wireless monitor and the E-Series dual-purpose sleep and EEG monitor – have been available for shipping to major offshore markets for only a short time. The E-Series was available to be shipped to the USA and Europe from the beginning of December last year. The Siesta, which received USA Food and Drug Administration approval in January this year, was not available for shipping to the USA over the six months to 31 December 2000 and only shipped to Europe in that period.

Twenty E-Series systems were sold to the USA, generating $427,000 in sales, whilst 18 systems were sold to European markets, resulting in $288,000 in sales.

Thirty-four Siesta systems were sold solely in European markets, generating $955,000 in sales revenue. Since it has been granted market clearance by the FDA, the Siesta has been shipped to USA markets. The USA is the largest market for sleep diagnostic and monitoring equipment, and as such is expected to generate further, prosperous exporting activities for both the Siesta and E-Series systems.

The recent appointment of a General Manager for European Sales in the United Kingdom seeks to further expand new product exports to Europe.

Compumedics’ aggressive push into the rapidly-expanding, global market for medical devices is further fortified by the recent development of the new Somte cardiac and respiratory monitor, which has recently received approval for release by Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. The Somte system will also be targeted in the future for export to the USA and Europe.