Medical Innovation

The Compumedics Medical Innovation projects are exciting and substantial initiatives based on key next-generation growth platforms. These projects include the online health initiatives (professional e-health services and Somfit consumer health platform) and DWL traumatic brain injury (TBI) monitoring systems. Additionally, other upcoming commercialisation opportunities include patented sleep treatment and driver-vigilance step-out projects.

True Sleep Fitness

For the first time, a fitness tracker with gold standard sleep technology. During the day, use Somfit to track your daily activities – when you are walking, running, biking or even on an elliptical machine.

At night, the Somfit will track your sleep collecting medical grade data to provide true sleep insights – understanding your night’s sleep architecture – accurately measure the quality of your sleep through accurate measurements of durations you spend in REM, deep sleep or light sleep.

DWL Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) monitoring systems