Posted on March 5, 2010

Compumedics has  been recognised as one of Australia’s Top 100 innovators through its world leading devices for sleep diagnostics.

The list was compiled by the Powerhouse Museum in New South Wales, Australia.

In commenting on the determination of factors relevant in gaining this recognition, Debbie Rudder, Curator of Power Technologies, Powerhouse Museum said,

“To decide what is worth adding , I stuck to the criteria we used for the web list : originality and impact. Was the idea behind an innovation a significant breakthrough? Did a new product create or boost an industry or earn a good deal of export income ? Did a product or social innovation change people’s lives?”

Recognition of this type follows a string of previous accolates awarded to the Company which include :

  • June 2009, Compumedics’ world first high-definition sleep diagnostic amplifier, Grael HD-PSG was awarded the Powerhouse museum award 2009 for design excellence and innovative use of technologies
  • 2008, its wholly owned Germany subsidiary, Compumedics Germany GmbH was admitted to Germany’s high-technology elite with the award of membership of Germany’s Top 100 innovative companies.

Executive Chairman, CEO, Compumedics , David Burton said,

“We have been in business now for over 20 years and have worked hard to build a profitable and sustainable business for shareholders and other stakeholders. It is always a bonus to gain some outside recognition and support for what we do. Compumedics is proud of the contribution it makes to the wider community and how we can actually change the quality of people’s lives with our innovative suite of products.”