June 8, 2005

Dr. Curtis Ponton will assume the role of Vice-President and Chief Scientist for the Compumedics Neuroscan business group.

El Paso TX – 22nd June, 2005. David Burton, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Compumedics Ltd. (ASX code : CMP) announced today that Dr. Curtis Ponton will assume the role of Vice-President and Chief Scientist for the Compumedics Neuroscan business group.

Dr. Ponton received his PhD from the University of Calgary and completed his Post Doctorate studies in Los Angeles. Prior to joining the company as a Senior Scientist in 2000, he was a long time Compumedics Neuroscan user, specializing in maturation of the central auditory system and plasticity in deaf children and adults using cochlear implants.

Dr. Ponton’s promotion coincides with the departure of Dr. Stephen F. Sands who has chosen to pursue academic interests outside of Compumedics after a career with Neuroscan spanning two decades. As the founder of NeuroScan, Dr. Sands was responsible for developing an entirely new discipline of Neuroscience by creating integrated systems for recording high-density EEG and evoked potentials.
Under Dr. Sand’s direction, innovative developments such as the SynAmps amplifier emerged, quickly becoming the recording standard for electrophysiology worldwide. Dr. Sands desire to provide an open-ended, powerful set of hardware and software tools to explore brain function has resulted in literally thousands of scientific publications. Mr. Burton stated that “Dr. Sands guidance of the team at Compumedics NeuroScan has helped solidify our position as a world leader in brain function research.”
Mr. Burton also commented “Compumedics Neuroscan will continue to intensify our focus and commitment in development of new and innovative products. To achieve this goal we will redouble our efforts, attention and dynamic response to our client’s research or clinical requirements. This concentrated attention to the market includes strengthening our research and development team in Texas and also enhancing our research, sales and marketing support and distributor representation across Europe, Asia and the USA. The Compumedics sales and marketing team has recently been strengthened across the organization and we expect that our reinvigorated business drive, along with the fine leadership and credentials of Dr Ponton, will define a new direction and era of growth for Compumedics Neuroscan, built upon a fine and solid legacy.”

Dr. Ponton took the occasion to provide insight on the direction of the company stating “Compumedics Neuroscan has a very strong portfolio of upcoming products and technologies that will see our business remain at the forefront of research technology. Our passion remains to deliver to our family of dedicated customers the latest recording and data analysis techniques as well as technical support for all of our products. Most importantly we will continue to innovate; providing continual improvements in technology and reacting directly to our customer’s feedback worldwide.”

Compumedics sincerely thanks Dr. Sands for his important contributions and welcomes Dr. Curtis Ponton as he assumes the leadership and direction in this exciting period ahead, where the importance of brain function measurement has never been so pronounced and evident. Compumedics NeuroScan is well positioned with a rich pipeline of new brain function measurement technology, including advanced systems enabling the convergence of MRI images and functional EEG data, “CurryTM” brain mapping software, and the new SynAmp2 which is the most sophisticated and precise high density EEG amplification device currently available.

Compumedics Limited

Compumedics was founded in 1987 by Executive Chairman and CEO David Burton. In that year it established Australia’s first fully computerised sleep diagnostics clinic at Melbourne’s Epworth Hospital. In 1995 Compumedics was selected to supply equipment to the US Sleep Heart Health Study, the largest sleep study of its kind currently exceeding 12,000 studies with 20,000 patients scheduled by 2008.
In 2002 the Company acquired US Based NeuroScan, a leading innovator in brain research systems used by the worlds’ leading Universities and researchers in the exploration and understanding of neurological based diseases. In 2004, Compumedics acquired DWL, with expertise in the neuro-vascular and cardio-vascular diagnostic arenas.

Compumedics core sleep diagnostics technology is now being leveraged into associated fields of neuro-diagnostics, brain research and blood flow measurement. Combined, these markets have annual sales exceeding USD900m. Compumedics also maintains businesses in supplies, technical service and educational services.

Since the 2000 financial year, the company has increased sales four fold, reflecting product development initiatives combined with a strong United States distribution network which accounts for 55% of sales. Compumedics systems are distributed in 60 countries globally. Headquarters are based in Melbourne Australia with offices in Germany, Singapore, Japan and the USA. Visit our website for additional information.

David Lawson
Chief Financial Officer and Investor Relations
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