May 1, 2015

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Corporate Presentation – May 2015


Compumedics Limited (ASX: CMP) released an up-dated Corporate Presentation on Wednesday 29th April 2015, which it will be using in various broker meetings here in Australia and overseas during the month of May.

Following initial briefings with brokers we wish to clarify the EBITDA guidance. The guidance given for the year ending 30 June 2015 is for $3.5m to $4.0m, which is the anticipated range for the Compumedics reporting (listed) entity.

In the past when reporting this information to market, the Company has highlighted the costs embedded into the EBITDA result, which relate to activities undertaken in pursuit of the Medical Innovation step-out opportunities, which currently do not generate material revenues or earnings.

Typically these costs are about $1.0m pa and therefore the EBITDA guidance, adjusting for these costs, is $4.5 to $5.0m. This is now noted on slide 12.

In addition we have made some modifications to slides 21 and 24 through 27 as a result of feedback from initial meetings.

About Compumedics Limited

Compumedics Limited (ASX: CMP) is a medical device company involved in the development, manufacture and commercialisation of diagnostics technology for the sleep, brain and ultrasonic blood-flow monitoring applications. The Company owns US based Neuroscan and Germany basedDWL Elektronishe GmbH. In conjunction with these two subsidiaries, Compumedics has a broad international reach, including Americas; Australia and Asia Pacific; and Europe and the Middle East.

Executive Chairman, Dr David Burton, founded Compumedics in 1987. In the same year the Company successfully designed and installed the first Australian, fully computerised Sleep Clinic at Epworth Hospital in Melbourne. Following this early success, Compumedics focused on the development of products that sold into the growing international sleep clinic and home monitoring markets. Compumedics listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2000. Over the years, Compumedics has received numerous awards and accolades including Australia’s exporter of the year and has been recognised as a Top 100 Innovator by both German and Australian Governments.


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