Compumedics Neuroscan Clinical CURRY Workshop: Source Localization in Epilepsy Evaluations

22 March 2021 to 26 March 2021



Compumedics Neuroscan is pleased to announce its next Epilepsy Clinical Workshop featuring CURRY Software.

This hands-on workshop, which is intended for physicians and EEG/MEG technologists, is specifically focused on the evaluation and pre-surgical planning of epilepsy, based on EEG data. The school will run from Monday to Friday 11:00-14:00 New York EST Time / 16:00-19:00 Brussels CET Time. Candidates are encouraged to conduct self-guided practice after each online session. Clinical lectures alternate with CURRY software hands-on sessions.

• Introduction to basic EEG review and source localization with CURRY
• Inter-ictal and ictal data review, spike/seizure marking, event segregation by field analysis,  and spike/seizure averaging
• Source analysis methods for the above data types will be reviewed, including the use of individual  MRI-based realistic head models
• Intracranial EEG review, including integration with MRI and CT to localize electrodes as well as co-registration  with other functional imaging data sets such as PET. Use of CURRY for inracranial electrode placement planning will also be included.

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This is an Online Course Only