Compumedics – official distributor of Radiometer’s TCM5 Flex transcutaneous monitor in Australia and New Zealand.

Posted on février 8, 2022



Compumedics in collaboration with Radiometer Pacific are pleased to include the TCM5 Flex Transcutaneous Monitor, as part of Compumedics’ already comprehensive range of sleep diagnostic solutions. Compumedics is now an official distributor of the TCM 5 Flex in Australia and New Zealand.

Radiometer provides a complete range of transcutaneous monitoring systems, which cover parameters such as tcpO2, tcpCO2 as well as Masimo SET® SpO2 and pulse rate.

The Radiometer combined tcpCO2 and SpO2 transcutaneous monitoring helps detect hypoventilation in patients at risk of sleep-related breathing disorders. These parameters allow clinicians to make the relevant changes in ventilator settings or optimise oxygen supply.

The sensor measures non-invasively. It can be easily applied to various sites on the body, including the thorax, the forearm, or for the comfort of your patient, the ear lobe, where it can measure up to 12 hours.

The TCM5 Flex monitor directly and seamlessly interfaces with Compumedics’ popular sleep solutions. Warranty, education and support are offered by Radiometer.

For more information:    Visit the product page or contact your local Compumedics representative.

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