octobre 20, 2005

Compumedics today announced that Mr. Koichiro Koike has resigned from the Board of Directors due to health reasons.

Compumedics (ASX code:CMP) today announced that Mr Koichiro Koike has resigned from the Board of Directors due to health reasons.

Mr Burton, Chairman and CEO of Compumedics commented, “Mr Koike has been involved with the development of Compumedics for close to a decade, and in that time he has been involved with many of the strategic decisions of the Company, particularly in the period leading to the listing of the Company. It is with sadness that we accept Mr Koike’s resignation.” Mr Burton further noted, “We wish Mr Koike all the very best for the future and we thank him for his significant contribution to Compumedics over his time with the Company.”

A decision as to when and who will replace Mr Koike on the Compumedics Board will be made following a review of the needs of the Company. The decision will be communicated to market at that time.

About Compumedics Limited

Compumedics was founded in 1987 by current Executive Chairman and CEO, David Burton. In that year it established Australiaís first fully computerised sleep-diagnostics clinic at Melbourneís Epworth Hospital. In 1995 the company was selected to supply equipment to the US Sleep Heart Health Study, the worldís largest sleep study of its kind, currently exceeding 12,000 studies with 20,000 patients scheduled by 2008.

In 2002, the Company acquired US-based Neuroscan, boosting its presence in the neuro-diagnostics market, where the Company supplies EEG and EMG devices to study electrical activity in the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles in the diagnosis and monitoring of neurological-based diseases.

In 2004, Compumedics acquired German based DWL, enabling Compumedics to expand its global operations into the neuro-vascular and cardio-vascular diagnostic arenas.

Compumedics is a global medical diagnostic company with world leadership in three of the most exciting high-growth sectors and some 12,000 systems installed, including their core and pioneering sleep-diagnostics (Sleep Division), Neuro-diagnostics (Neuroscan and Neuroscience Divisions), and non-invasive blood-flow diagnostics (DWL Division). All of these fields were pioneered or discovered in the 1980s, validated in the 1990s and are only now undergoing rapid commercialisation into the rapidly expanding $1 billion plus global market.

The Company has increased its sales more than 4-fold from $9 million to $38 million, reflecting its continued commitment to an effective sales and R&D organisation.

The Companyís core sleep-diagnostics technology is now being leveraged into the associated fields of neuro-diagnostics, brain research and blood-flow measurement. Combined, these markets have annual sales of more than USD900m. Compumedics also has businesses in supplies, technical service and educational services.

Compumedics equipment is distributed in 60 countries globally. Headquarters are in Melbourne, Australia with offices in Germany, Singapore, Japan and the USA. Additional information can be obtained by visiting our website at