Xegis Forte EMG/EP

A comprehensive suite of new generation Xegis EMG/EP solutions ranging from 5 to 17 channel configurations. The new Xegis Forte offers flexibility, customisation, versatility and importantly, high performance and reliability.

Features & Benefits

Comprehensive range

  • Select from 5, 9, 13 and 17 Channel EMG/EP systems

High fidelity amplifier for uncompromised signal quality

  • Noise lower than 0.35 μVrms @ 10KHz
  • Bandwidth from DC to 20000 Hz
  • Sampling rate up to 65000 Hz for every channel
  • 16 bit successive approximation Analog/Digital Conversion
  • Cable power supply or battery type “AA”

Versatility with ability to combine each channel to any input connector on the headbox

High efficiency EMG

  • Unlimited needle EMG recording and playback
  • Time saving customizable protocols for every exam
  • Automatic online report generation
  • Dedicated control keypad and footpedal
  • Full flexibility in single fibre EMG

Performance Stimulator

  • Up to 2 fully programmable stimulators
  • Up to 300 Hz electrical stimulation rate
  • Up to 4 stimulator outputs
  • Automatic stimulation artifact removal

Perfect accuracy in Evoked Potentials

  • Stimulation artifact-free recordings
  • Fully adjustable rejection thresholds
  • High quality acoustic and visual stimulations
  • Advanced filters for better signal quality

Network integration with

  • Centralized data storage
  • SQL database – interface to hospital database

Magnetic and Laser Stimulators

compatible with full management of Trigger IN/OUT

More expansion possibilities

  • Wavelet analysis of EP signals
  • EP grand average – study of patient groups
  • ERP with continuous signal recording
  • Amplitude maps with SPLine interpolation
  • Generate ERP paradigms by integrating stimulator

EMG Tests

  • Needle EMG, MUAP Quantitative Analysis, Triggered EMG
  • Turns & Amplitude, Functional EMG (IPA combined with MUAP)
  • Single Fibre, Stimulated SF (Jitter and Fibre Density), Macro EMG
  • Motor Unit Number Estimation (MUNE)
  • Motor and Sensitive Nerve Conduction Velocity
  • F Wave, H Reflex, Repetitive Stimulation
  • Collision test and Inching test
  • Blink Reflex, Inhibitory Reflex, Jaw Jerk
  • Symphatethic Skin Response (SSR), R-R Interval Analysis
  • Motor Evoked Potentials (MEP) with integrated F Wave
  • Configurable protocols for even more tests

EP Tests

  • SEP: Somatosensory Evoked Potentials
  • VEP: Visual Evoked Potentials
    – Steady State too
  • AEP: Acoustic Evoked Potentials (Middle, Long Latency)
  • BAEP: Brain Acoustic Evoked Potentials
  • MEP: Motor Evoked Potentials
  • LEP: Laser Evoked Potentials
  • P300, MMN: Cognitive Evoked Potentials
  • ERP – Event related potentials

Xegis Software

The Compumedics Xegis software platform completes the Xegis EMG/EP
solution enabling a comprehensive series of tests for EMG and EP. The Xegis software is designed to provide maximum flexibility to configure the testing protocols with the greatest ease – all accessed via a highly intuitive software interface. The software also features a quick “one-click” reporting function and fully configurable routine automation.

Market Availability

Please contact your local representative for the availability of this product in your market.

Xegis has CE and TGA clearance.

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