Everything you want.
Simple, Portable.
Wireless and High Definition.


One device – multiple studies

Okti® is the culmination of decades of experience in EEG monitoring and a deep understanding of patient care.

Okti is the world’s first high-density portable EEG amplifier for Routine and Long Term EEG testing. By combining several different channel interfaces into a compact hand-held format, Okti’s wireless and high-definition capabilities improve the clinical and patient experience within the clinic or hospital with the flexibility to be mobile.

With a focus on the best patient care, Okti delivers everything you want.


Key Features

  • High-density EEG.
  • Portable, LTM and Clinical Routine EEG studies.
  • Modular, multi-functional design with interchangeable 32, 64 and 128 channel interfaces.
  • Pediatric and adult applications.
  • Protective lockable shell-case, no interference with the device.
  • 72 hours battery life, with hot swappable batteries.
  • Full list of accessories, backpack, waist pack, integrated cable management and cradle
  • Reusable and disposable accessories for wearable versions.


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